Business Promotions - Restaurant & Catering  


All across the country restaurant and catering business owners have discovered that using a murder mystery dinner event is an excellent way to showcase what their business has to offer.



You know that you have an excellent establishment with great food, service and ambiance. However, getting the word out to the public can take time and a lot of advertising money. Offering a Crime & Merriment Mysteries dinner mystery show can draw attention to your establishment, setting it apart from the many others competing with you.


Once in your establishment you can demonstrate what sets you apart from the other food service businesses in your area. Offering a unique attraction can be just the attraction you need to draw attention to your talents. A Crime & Merriment musical mystery can be just the vehicle to help you show the community what you have to offer. You guests will leave talking about the great time they had and the great food from your kitchen.


Itís been proven that dinner theater provides a great return for your advertising dollars. If youíre considering dinner theater, go with the best --- Crime & Merriment Mysteries. Youíll want the show to be a fitting compliment to your setting and services. Youíre proud of what you offer. Donít risk having a less than perfect evening. Offer your guests the best show available.



C & M will work with you and your staff to ensure that the evening proceeds flawlessly. From our advertising suggestions to the convenient evening schedules, C & M helps you organize your evening. We work with everyone from you to your banquet manager to your wait staff to be sure that on the night of the show, your guests have the total entertainment and dining experience. We take as much pride in the organization and presentation of our show as you do in your food and service.


Crime & Merriment has been working with restaurants and caterers for over thirteen years, in a variety of settings and locations. Whether your establishment is set up for forty or three hundred, we can work the room, giving everyone the satisfaction of having seen a great show. You will provide them with a wonderful dinner, rounding an entertaining and satisfying evening, sending them home eager to return to you and to tell their friends about the fantastic evening you provided.


As an astute businessman you know that word of mouth is your best advertising investment. Crime & Merriment Mysteries can help you give your guests a dining experience that they will want to share with their friends.


If you own or operate an inn or hotel, a Crime & Merriment murder mystery event can also bring business to your establishment. A mystery weekend can be a very profitable way to bring in business during those slower weeks between the various seasonal offerings. C & M can develop  a mystery using just your guests as characters or provide actors to work along with your guests to help keep things moving along.


An added bonus for you is the attractive price that we offer. Youíll be amazed at how affordable Crime & Merriment makes it for you to promote your business. Compare our prices with other companies offering similar shows. Then review some of the comments from those who have seen our shows, booked us year after year and from those who have come back time and again to see our performances. Please contact us for a list of some of the satisfied restaurants that have used us to promote their business.