Critic's Corner  


I've been to a number of weekend getaways held at an inn in northwest Connecticut.  While the guest list may have changed over the years, the entertainment and fun has not.  The locale of the mystery has varied from a remote castle in Transylvania, where mention of the "village people" would result in a spontaneous demonstration of "YMCA" by the guests to a prep school with connections to the IRA.  "The bridge is out" has become a standard joke among us to explain the guests' isolation and inability to call in the local police, thus paving the way for us to solve the murder.  We usually bring costumes and props, and try to call on our limited acting abilities to assume the personalities of our assigned characters. (Some with more success than others, but always with a lot of laughter.)   There is always time to explore the area or just take a nap, as well as to discuss the possible solutions to the mystery.  I highly recommend a getaway mystery weekend with a group of friends as a different and fun way to spend a weekend.


The Tucson (Arizona) community theater group, The Catalina Players, Have produced two mysteries written by Stan Watkins of Crime & Merriment Mysteries. For their twentieth anniversary they produced “The Malt Shop Mystery” which went on to become the most successful production in the company’s history. The distinguished audience included The Mayor and his wife who took part in the audience participation portion of the show.


After repeated requests for us to do another mystery we again contacted Crime & Merriment and produced “A Well Rehearsed Murder”, which also enjoyed an extremely successful run.


As musical director for The Catalina Players, I am looking forward to staging many more Crime & Merriment musical mysteries. - Harriet



The Crime and Merriment group is fantastic. We’ve used them for two years now as a fundraiser but also as an adult night out for our parents group . We’ve had a great time both years. They’re professional from start to finish. The help they gave us to get started our first year was carefully planned out and the night was tailored to what we desired, fun friendship and camaraderie. We like them so much we’re doing it again this year. Kate and Stan are the best.

Mike Clarke Chairman of the Murder Mystery Fundraiser.

My husband Pat and I had a wonderful time when we participated in the Murder Mystery week-end. Pat said he enjoyed the opportunity to roll play as a gangster with me as his moll. We enjoyed meeting all the other participants, a really enjoyable group. We really had fun with them.

             I have also engaged Crime & Merriment Mysteries for a fund raiser, using one of their dinner theater plays. It was very enjoyable and profitable --- the most successful fund-raiser ( Other than the cookie sale) that Tribal Trails Girl Scout Council held during my tenure and for several years after. it was a good way to get the community involved as well.

            The play was so well written and the plot was better than others I've participated in. There was lots of guest participation/interaction. The solution was believable with an intriguing plot twist that gave us a chuckle.

            Whether for an evening or for an entire weekend it’s lots of fun!! We look forward to doing it again sometime. - Sue S.