If you love a good mystery, what could be better than the opportunity to spend a weekend with a few of your friends at a secluded setting playing detective? Since 1987 Crime & Merriment Mysteries has been providing just such an opportunity for would be detectives.


You can choose from any of the many mystery scenarios offered by C & M and take your group away for one of the most exciting and entertaining weekends you or they will recall. You can have the opportunity to visit a dude ranch out west, a vampire’s castle, a secluded island (rumored to harbor a werewolf); go back in time to The Victorian era, to a 1950’s malt shop or any number of other settings and scenarios. Best of all while enacting your fantasy, you have the challenge of solving a puzzling, yet solvable mystery.


Think of the fun you’ll have when you arrange for just you and your group to participate. No large gatherings of strangers with the chance that you’ll feel too awkward to participate. Crime & Merriment will help you plan and organize a weekend for just you and your close friends, family or work mates. C & M can orchestrate a weekend of role-play for you and your guests and only your party at a small intimate setting or wherever you choose.


C & M will design a mystery to your specifications. We will work with you to ensure that you have ample time to work out the mystery, chapter by chapter but still have time to participate in other activities that might be available.


You can select your location or we will suggest one for you. If you like, a member of C & M can be on hand for the weekend to facilitate the action. Either way you can be sure of a relaxing getaway weekend. At the conclusion you’ll feel as though you’ve had a complete vacation.


We will work with you in the total planning and organizing of your weekend including invitations, costumes, and any necessary props. We can design a full weekend (Fri. evening to Sun. morning) or a Saturday and Sunday getaway.


Now for the best part --- you can become a consulting detective without having to commit a crime to afford it. Crime & Merriment will make your weekend very affordable, whether you are playing the gracious host or everyone pays for himself.


A mystery getaway is a great vehicle for family functions. It’s a fantastic idea for Halloween gatherings, corporate retreats or just a chance to reunite with old friends.



Give us a call or an e-mail and we’ll be happy to give you more details and answer any questions you might have.