A mystery dinner party is a fantastic way to make your next gathering an event that everyone will remember for years to come. Crime & Merriment Mysteries can help you develop, plan and carry out the perfect caper for the entertainment and delight of your guests.

            Everyone loves a mystery. Imagine the excitement when your guests have the opportunity to play detective as they search for clues, interrogate suspects and draw their own suppositions to the mystery you provide for them. You can set up any of a variety of scenarios for your party. Take your guests to a western dude ranch or to the mountains of Transylvania to a vampire’s castle. You and your group of consulting detectives can travel back in time to the gangster era or to a fifties malt shop, or perhaps the Victorian era as you try to unravel a puzzling, but solvable mystery. For a partial list of the mysteries available go to our Dinner and a Show page and click on the flashing marquee.

            Want something developed just for your party? Contact us to find out how we can develop a mystery to your exact specifications --- guests, locale, and interests. If you’d like a mystery written specifically for your party, let us know the details. We can have a specially written mystery for you in a matter of weeks.

           The fun will start when you begin to plan for your evening, sorting through the numerous possibilities for your event. But Crime & Merriment will help with your planning up to and including costumes ideas, possible menu themes, party favors, props and invitation ideas.


           You’ll receive a party package for the event and continual follow up (by phone and e-mail) to guide you along in the process. If you’d like (and for an additional fee, of course) we can even provide an onsite party guide for the evening. We can help you plan the perfect interactive evening for as many guests as you’d like to bring to your “crime scene”.

            For an evening of lively entertainment, you can’t top a Crime & Merriment mystery to challenge your friends.  Give your next party a unique flavor with all the excitement and intrigue that will long be remembered by everyone. A call or e-mail today will be first step in planning the successful caper for you and your guests.