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Murder Among The Inn Crowd, is a modern mystery with a "Big Chill" theme. Old college classmates gather at a quaint New England inn for a reunion, which goes awry when one of their party is found dead.

Murder Back At The Ranch, is a 1930's mystery, set on The Lonesome Dogie dude ranch.  Guests from across the country gather for a week-end of adventure.  An untimely accident and death brings them more than they bargained for.

The exclusive Wooten Academy is the setting for Educated Death. The semi-annual board meeting promises to bring fireworks and intrigue as the members discuss the closing of the prestigious school. However the guests find more than they planned when events take a deadly turn.

One of Crime & Merriment’s spookiest mysteries, Interlude With The Vampyre, takes you to the ancient castle of the mysterious Baron Vaistlend, in The Carpathian Mountains. The Baron has invited his niece and her guests to his castle for her wedding. Things become less than festive as guests begin to mysteriously fall victim to what some suspect is a vampire.

You are invited to join the Connecticut Mystiques, a female professional baseball team, as they begin spring drills for their barnstorming season. Team members, management staff and coaches are all present at the estate of Bo and Dee Vine, team owners. When one of the group is found dead, everyone becomes a suspect in an Intrigue Of Their Own.

The Spirits Are Killing or so it would seem as the guests in a 1920’s speakeasy are brought together for a lavish party. Though some have strong reservations about attending (the place is rumored to be haunted, after all), the guest list is sure to include enough gangsters, molls, and shady characters to fill any detective’s clue book.

The Dudleytown Horror Investigation is Crime & Merriment’s most unusual mystery event. You are one of the guests invited to the home of Macon Doyle, the noted author, to help him research his next book – an expose’ of the legend of the haunted hamlet of Dudleytown, where he has made his home. You will become a psychic investigator to assist Macon. But beware, there may be more to the legend than even Macon wants to believe.

Seven years ago The Mysterious Mr. Rios (suspected of being the notorious serial killer “The Dagger”) disappeared while being pursued by the Paris Police. Now all of those closest to him have come to his mansion in the Low Country outside of Savannah to probate his last bequests. A driving storm and rumors that the mansion is haunted lend to the atmosphere and you’ll have a great time trying to figure out the mystery of Mr. Rios’ Legacy.

Everyone’s high school reunion should be a memorable occasion. But for The Hittum High class of 1958, their twentieth reunion becomes an event none of the former classmates will ever forget. As they reminisce about their high school days and sing the doo-wop songs popular when they were kids, a mystery begins to unfold. Join the gang and the world famous detective, Felix Logan as they follow the clues to the solution to a mystery that was twenty years in the making --- The Malt Shop Mystery.


Butlar's Legacy, is set on an isolated island off the coast of Maine, where the famous comedian, Red Butlar has gathered his relatives & business associates for the reading of his will.  A winter squall isolates the guests from the mainland forcing them to try & solve a mystery that will keep everyone guessing until the very end.

The title says it all for The Haunted Mansion Mystery.  The Louisiana mansion of Senator Dashiell (Dash) Hoff is the setting.  Guests gathered for a memorial service for The Late Senator Hoff, find a resident ghost & murder are also part of the weekend service.

A mystery set in the tradition of the detective thrillers of the thirties and forties. Mystery Of  The Last Resort will conjure up memories of The Thin Man, Phillip Marlowe, Charlie Chan., and Boston Blackie. A group of corporate executives comes together for a weekend retreat to solve several problems facing their large, well known company. They are soon presented with an even larger problem – the death of one of their party.

Rumors that the notorious “Mick The Slasher” is afoot in a small New England village of the 1890’s have the guests at Em Mansion in an uproar. Could Mick actually be one of the guests in attendance at Andi Em’s annual ball? When one of her guests turns up dead in a manner strangely similar to the victims of “The Slasher”, it is soon evident that they all have Victorian Secrets.

The Nick Slade Mystery And Variety Hour was the hottest show on radio in the forties. Now, twenty years later, much of the cast and crew of “Nick Slade” have been reunited for a modern day (60’s) television broadcast of “Unresolved Mysteries”. They have been brought together in the same barn/studio on the exact anniversary of the date of the last “Nick Slade” show to try and resolve the mystery of what befell the show’s lead singer and actress, Sharon Sherilike. Join them as they try to unravel the mystery of A Well Rehearsed Murder.

Are you ready for the ultimate game of “survival”? The island of Alcatraz is the setting for Death On The Rocks. An elaborate costume party hosted by the eccentric Liza Lott becomes the scene of one of Crime & Merriment’s cleverest mysteries. If you have a taste for adventure and mystery, this is the story for you.

Perhaps you’ve always longed to join a troupe of professional actors. Then Who Killed Sherlock Holmes is the mystery for you. Join the actors as they work through their final rehearsal for their mystery play. As with all thespian groups, as the opening night approaches, emotions are running high and tempers are short. However, when one of their leading characters drops dead, things seem to have gone to an extreme even for “show folk”.

Seeking to boost their ratings, the cast and crew of America’s top television program come to a mysterious island where it’s rumored that a werewolf prowls. The Mystery of The Surviving Idol offers the opportunity for your guests to become the latest television personality --- if they survive.


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