St. Augustine’s premier murder mystery theater

Everyone loves a mystery and Crime & Merriment will present a fun, original dinner theater mystery, staged by a talented troupe of performers. Audiences love the interactive component of our shows. Guests have the opportunity to play detective by questioning the suspects and to examine clues. Lively music combined with the challenge of solving the mystery combine to make your evening an event that you will remember and talk about for years.

The exciting alternative for your office party

Planning a fund-raiser or corporate event? If your business or corporate group is looking for an exciting alternative to the usual office party, consider Crime & Merriment for your social event. Crime & Merriment Mysteries can provide you with the motive, means and opportunity to make your next fund-raising event a rousing success. One of our productions is an excellent choice for a fund-raising activity for your organization.

Who is Crime & Merriment for?

• Corporate Event/Fundraiser
• Office Parties
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Private Parties (Guest will be the actors)

Ready to start?

The fun will start when you begin to plan for your evening. Crime & Merriment will help with your planning event whether it is a corporate event, hotel or restaurant needing logistical planning or a private party in need of guidance for their guest who will be the actors.

Call to surprise your guest with an evening they will never forget.